A Framework for Bioconductor and R-based Applications on the Cloud

Welcome to the Homepage of RBioCloud

Why RBioCloud?

Large-scale ad-hoc analysis of genomic data is popular using the R-programming language supported by nearly 610 software packages provided by Bioconductor software. More recently, analytical applications are benefitting from on-demand computing and storage resources, their scalability and their low maintenance cost, all of which are offered by the cloud. While Biologists and Bioinformaticists can take an analytical job and execute it on their personal workstations, it remains challenging to seamlessly execute the job on the cloud infrastructure without extensive knowledge of the cloud dashboard.

What is RBioCloud?

We provide a solution for not only how analytical jobs can be executed on the cloud with minimal effort, but also how both the resources and data required by the job can be managed. To achieve this, we have developed an open-source light-weight framework for executing R-scripts using Bioconductor packages, which we refer to as 'RBioCloud'. The framework is deployed between a user and the cloud, and offers a set of simple command-line tools for managing cloud resources (such as instances and clusters), data and execution of the job.

Who should use RBioCloud?

The objective of RBioCloud is to facilitate easy R-based analytics related to biology and bioinformatics on the cloud. If you are a Computational Biologist or a Bioinformaticist or anybody who does not want to dive deep into Cloud computing or to play with the Cloud dashboard, and if you have an R project that employs Bioconductor which needs to be executed on the Amazon Cloud, and perhaps even requires the support of parallel computing, then RBioCloud is well suited for you. Download the latest version of RBioCloud here.

Thank you for your interest in RBioCloud. Please feel free to contact us. We greatly value and appreciate your feedback and comments as we continue to work on rolling out the next version of RBioCloud with new features.